TAROT TUESDAY: Three of Pentacles reminds us we are not alone

Three of Pentacles is a gorgeous follow up to last week’s invitation from The Hermit (reversed), who encouraged us to turn our activity a bit more outward.

With the arrival of Three of Pentacles, we’re invited to take our step out of withdrawal a bit further. We’re asked to be open to the possibility of collaboration / partnership for the purpose of creating something grander than what we could create with solely our own resources. In fact, the mantra that came through as I sat with this card was “Together we can make a mountain.”

Take care to be available to the collaboration / partnership that is relevant to what you are working to create, the possibilities are vast. For some this may mean an actual collaboration between two or more people, each contributing work with their individual skills toward a larger project, for others it may mean that someone will come along who can provide the missing piece / ingredient you didn’t have access to previously, and for others still this may mean the arrival of the support / love / care you need to feel rejuvenated and able to continue on with your work.

When this opportunity to collaborate presents itself, I encourage you to imbue your receiving with the mantra “Together we can make a mountain” to further solidify the strength of your connection in whatever manner makes sense or feels right to you.

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