TAROT TUESDAY: The Hermit (reversed) encourages us to come out of the dark

Most often The Hermit brings with them a message of withdrawal, more specifically the withdrawal from mindless or frenzied action so as to nourish self discovery. It’s not to say that this energy encourages a lack of activity, but rather a shift in our relationship to and how we define activity for the time being.

Now considering that they have come through in a reversed position for us this week, we’re invited to move away from withdrawal in some way. For some this means the time is right to resume activity and participation in a project you’ve been dreaming of / considering / planning. For others, it may be a gentle hand extended after a period of isolation, arriving to say that what you have been relating to / learning from in the void has moved into a more visible space and they want you to come and join them there.

In either case, we’re not necessarily meant to hit the ground running. We’re advised to carry with us what we have learned / how we have grown from our previous experience of withdrawal into our resplendent inner landscapes: to pause and consider if an action will enrich our lives and making the choice that is wise and aligns with our inner knowing.

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