TAROT TUESDAY: 22 March, 2018

Below is your tarot forecast for the week of 22 March

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▵ Where are we?  Son of Cups (reversed)
▵ What is underneath / informing where we are? Three of Stones
▵ What are we learning? Nine of Cups (reversed)

This week what comes up is a block in the area of communication, not necessarily with other humans, but in our exchange with God / Spirit / Divine / The Universe et al. The block is related to the belief that we are separate from what we do for a living or any other seemingly mundane activities, as though these are unrelated to our nature as spiritual beings. It’s a misconception that sacred action or devotion can only be expressed and embodied in the container of ritual. In fact, when we make the choice to consider any action we take as an offering, even something as uneventful as cleaning the toilet, we subtly communicate our gratitude for this life in a sustainable, lasting way. The feedback received in return for this continual expression of gratitude, at least for me, feels like deep satisfaction and contentment. It’s an unconventional fortune that must be experienced to be fully understood, and it is of a higher value than any other currency.

It’s also worth a detour, if you’ll come along with me, to take into consideration the elements of these cards: earth + water + a touch of air. When earth and water come together, they make mud or clay which can be worked into a vessel / container. When we expose this vessel to air, it will begin to dry and harden enough for us to be able to carve intricate details into it, and with enough time it will be ready to enter the alchemical fire of a kiln. After this vessel passes through the fire, it will be forever changed, forged with new strength and capacities.

So, dear reader, I encourage you to consider yourself as both the vessel and the ceramicist. Take into consideration what you wish to communicate with the intricacies you carve. Take all the time you need to fully prepare yourself to pass through the fire, entering as dirt and water and coming out again as a vessel for divine truth.

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