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Son of Stones, The Fool, and Father of Stones

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I like to know what I’m doing, walking into anything without being prepared provokes intense anxiety for me. Paradoxically, I also like to feel my way through things, I like to get just enough information to get started and then jump in and learn as I go, letting experience and intuition be my teachers. When experience and intuition come up short, that’s when I’ll continue to research or study with someone to learn what I need to continue my process.
This mix of study and spontaneity is what resonates for me with this selection of cards. I get the feeling that as we move beyond the ripple of excitement generated by yesterday’s solar eclipse, this reading is calling out for some very important work to be initiated in its wake. I’m reminded of the now iconic young girl with the sign reading “I ♥ naps, but I stay woke” from the Women’s March on Washington early this year. I hear the call for walking a tight line, balancing the scary and thrilling, the mysterious and understood.

  • The Son of Stones is a card we have seen pretty recently, and I am not surprised that Chief Seattle is making another appearance so soon. I’ll remind you that steadfast conviction to defending the right of existence for all creatures: plants, animals, people, stones, mountains, rivers, and so on was the hallmark of the historical Chief Seattle. He also extended an invitation to the colonizers of Native land to live in harmony with the Earth as his people did. The decline of that invitation set into motion the course of events that has lead us to present day.
    This card’s presence is a reminder of our responsibility to the entire collective of existence. Ignoring this responsibility isn’t working for us, as so many of us already know to be true and so many more are waking up to. We are faced with what seems to be an overwhelming opposition to this truth, but that is not a reason to back down, but rather to hold tighter still. With the truth on our side, we can make great change. The potential for sweeping momentum for the benefit of all beings is building, we must hold true no matter the opposition we face.
  • The Fool is a dynamic presence in this particular combination of cards. The significance of its number in the deck, zero, cannot be understated. Zero is not simply nothingness, it is the point from which all possibilities unfold. Its Hebrew letter, Aleph, is silent, the point from which all sound follows. The Fool evokes the image of an eternal child, journeying with a sense of wonder, reverence, and joy (reinforced the the presence of the rune Wynn). It’s important to note that in this deck, The Fool is also Parsifal at the beginning of his journey with the Holy Grail. We see a wounded swan. In his eagerness to prove himself as a Knight, Parsifal shot and wounded a swan, falling from innocence long before encountering the Grail. When he first did encounter it, he did not fulfill his purpose by asking the right question to heal the wounded land and people, but rather remained silent and the land and people were left to suffer.
    The Fool’s presence is hopeful but cautious, it is a resounding call to, for lack of a better term, stay woke. We are well aware of the damage that has been done to the Earth, symbolized in this card by the wounded swan. We are awakening to a world of boundless possibility, so much more than we have been previously taught was available to us. We are recognizing our own divinity and the responsibility that comes with it. This journey forward out of an existence of violence toward our home and fellow inhabitants requires a certain sense of reverence to the mysteries, the forces and energies that are unseen. This reverence can only stay balanced by acknowledging the darkness and greed that has lead us to this point. We must own up to our mistakes with the intention of mending them rather than losing ourselves in the sorrow over the resulting atrocities. 
  • The Father of Stones is Old Man, not an old man, but the unseen presence that acts as a guardian to all inhabitants of the Earth. It is said that Old Man is not visible to any of us, the only evidence of this spirit’s existence are the footprints and deeds he leaves left behind. We see in the image of this card human handprints, Old Man’s footprints, and the prints of several other creatures of the Earth.
    Old Man has many lessons to teach us. Most broadly, that we must care for the Earth and recognize that our actions have lasting consequences. The presence of this card echoes the shared ideology harkened by Chief Seattle, that we must behave in such a manner as to benefit the next seven generations. Old Man encourages us to focus on our small, daily gestures, so as not to be overwhelmed with the burden of saving our home as one individual. If we take greater care as individuals, our positive impact is multiplied to a degree unachievable by any one person. When we carry out our actions as an act of service and gratitude, not for the purpose of receiving praise or recognition, the goodness of our intentions is magnified beyond the scope of language or conscious thought. 

The time is ripe for current circumstances to move in a new direction, one that is everlastingly fruitful, not one that emphasizes short term rewards. Gone is the age of ignorance, we know too much now to continue on as we have been without any expectation of consequences catching up to us. It is up to us to change our ways, to seek out support from one another, to cooperate in service of elevating all beings as one. This united purpose can withstand any onslaught or attack from its opposition, so long as we shield ourselves with truth. We can come to realize that no one savior is going to come along and provide us with all the right answers, that instead we hold the keys to all the knowledge we need to save ourselves, and we need only ask for the help we need along the way.

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