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I’m starting a new offering: a weekly tarotscope for those who feel called to receive it. I will check in with my guides and ask for general guidance for the audience called to receive it, illuminating the potential challenges and opportunities that may arise during the week ahead.

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Here is your tarotscope for the week of 25 July – 31 July:

The Hanged Man, Nut, and The Devil

While at first glance, these cards may seem to be scary, dark omens of dangerous forces, but their truth is more closely aligned with pure joy that cannot be shaken. This kind of joy comes from having broken free from illusions and living a life that is driven by embodied purpose.

The hanged man is a card of surrender, specifically surrender to nature. Though there is no body of water depicted on the card, its element is water, its planet is Neptune, its Hebrew letter is Mem or Seas, and there is a rainbow, which appears as light is refracted through water. This presence of water symbolizes breaking free from rigidity, from beliefs, values, and actions one has adopted because of society’s pressures rather than their own inner truth.

The message here is that the time has come for a shift in perspective. If you have a sense that there is something greater than yourself, some benevolent force that protects and guides you, that orchestrates the rhythms of nature and all creatures, then that sense is the one you must begin to surrender to in order to cultivate joy in your life. When you align yourself with nature you will begin to discover the values you hold within yourself, those values may directly conflict with those of society. Taking action out in the world using these values as your inner compass, you will find yourself joyfully fulfilling your purpose, no longer burdened by “shoulds” and “musts,” or acting from a place of guilt or obligation.

Nut (rhymes with “root”) is one of the oldest goddesses known to those who study the history of religion. She predates the development of Egyptian Mythology by several thousand years. She is quite mysterious, as different regions hold different accounts of her story, but for the purpose of the Haindl Tarot deck, we understand her to be a goddess of night, the original source. The night sky and darkness existed long before our planet and sun, and will exist eternally. Nut is the origin of all, she is a benevolent, peaceful protector, she teaches us that darkness is not something to fear, but something to expand softly into in order to find balance and wholeness.

Being in a reversed position, this card suggest an internal conflict, perhaps residual guilt over shaking off the societal demands we saw in The Hanged Man. You might feel crushed from the pressure of demands of others outside of yourself, feeling like you can’t possibly find the joy of following your true purpose when you have school, or work, or children, or your relationships to attend to as well. This is exactly why you must remain steadfast, because the balance between what you need and what others need exists, but you must take the time to listen inside yourself to find it. In other words, you have to take care of yourself in order to take care of others.

The Devil is our final card, though not in the European/Western sense. The meanings of The Devil card are very complex and change depending on the surrounding cards. In this context, The Devil refers to illusion. The belief that some dark, outside force is waiting for you to slip up and succumb to its evil will is an illusion.

The message here is that the darkness we fear is not an external force that imposes its will upon us, but rather it is a part of us. We alone as individuals bear the responsibility for any malicious actions we take. Perhaps you fear that you will fall prey to an addiction or another obsessive behavior, perhaps you fear the world will deem you selfish if you start to act according to your own inner values. Once you realize your potential for darkness and really recognize and acknowledge at all parts of yourself, the good and the bad, then you can move forward in your life channeling your darker energies into positive action. Darkness holds no power over you, once you realize are the source of that power, then there is nothing left to fear.

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