• Good News: February 2020

    A very warm hello to you, my friend. I made a very Emperor move this month. You see, as a wee traumatized, flailing, and imbalanced Aries Sun and Moon, I used to demand that people hear me. I would thrust my opinions into the ears of anyone I disagreed with, certain that the sheer force of […]

  • Good News: January 2020

    A very warm hello to you, my friend. And a warm welcome to 2020! In terms of tarot, we have collectively stepped out of a Hanged One / Empress year and into an Emperor year (2+0+2+0=4=The Emperor). The Emperor is correlated with the zodiac sign of Aries and the element of fire. The Emperor is steeped […]

  • Good News: December 2019

    There is a feeling of pressure and tension. It is building and pushing, we may not be able to name it, but we feel it urging us to morph into the next evolution of our being…..