Unblocking the Flow Meditation


In this meditation, we journey to a river and endeavor to remove and release something that is blocking its flow, clearing the way for treasure to come.

There is no charge for this meditation, it is yours to download and keep forever, but donations are gratefully accepted via Venmo (@ancientsightholistics) or PayPal. I ask for $5-10 if you are able to give.


This free meditation is very much like our Intuitive Guided Meditation Sessions, available in person and over distance.

The meditation that you are guided through in these sessions is completely unique and channelled just for you in real time. A recording of your meditation is also yours to keep and revisit as you see fit.

Book a session over distance
Book a session in person (available at Inner Peace Holistic Center in Northwood, NH)

Donations are gratefully accepted via Venmo (@ancientsightholistics) or PayPal


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