Fire Seeds


Fire Seeds is a collection of poetry brought through in creative collaboration with benevolent beings in the Otherworld, the medicine carried in this collection of 20 poems encourages us to liberate ourselves from the bondage of polite compliance by recognizing ourselves as creators.

Please scroll down to read three full poems from the collection.



The Great World

There isn’t anything you need to do
right now

The truth is only so blindly seen

To move the mountain is to balk
in the face of the snake
curling and riling

Truth is cornered
above and below,
the brackets
beyond all borders

In truth leading the work is
when beyond the belief
there is no notice of the ground:

the whirling smallness of
the great world
missing through the holes in
the story too clean

It’s all too clean from the
barbarousness, the holy hold

To hold in the nature of
the life limits the function.


Inviting the Ancestors

To hear with the herd
entrusted with drawing up
deep blood blackness,
the holds of truest light:

ask them beyond the doorstep,
in number over the benchmark
of rulers,
and beyond the borders
of the thread still being spun
from so long ago.


A New Order

Between the mood shifting
through the balance of the
entrusting the expanse of the
wild ways
shines the beacon of the
trace element of truth:

The essence of the
in the hearts and minds of the
consumers of death

The harsh light fades
the pale nature of copies made
underneath a moon manufactured
in the belly of the inferno
to eradicate the myth

Flames holy with the wash of
break the bellowed order.


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