Dream Oracle Hours

For the longest time I can tell you that I certainly did not!

All I knew then was that dreaming felt too important to ignore as a meaningless, unconscious activity, so for many years I recorded pages full of night dreams, longing to know the true significance of the world that opens up to us while we sleep. The charge my dreams would leave me with upon waking felt too powerful, for good or ill, to be written off as a hangover left by a random composite of images from waking life.

Dream dictionaries, scouring search engine results, and conversations with friends never led me to the AH HA moment I felt was coming.

Dreams are highly personal, complex, symbolic invitations from the still wild and unconditioned aspects of Self. Each dreamer’s inner world speaks in a language that is unique to them. It is no wonder a “this means that” approach never held up to my curiosity.

It wasn’t until I went on a week long healing retreat with the trusted, wise teacher Shonagh Home that the diligence of recording my dreams began to pay off.

Each morning she would listen carefully to my account of the previous night’s dreams, transcribing the vital elements they carried, and then piece them back together for me into a coherent, actionable narrative.

I learned how universal, collective symbols certainly have a role to play, but like all spiritual pursuits what matters more is what the individual brings to the table from their own lived experience.

Far beyond rote interpretation, I offer guidance for personal ritual to help my clients integrate the medicine of their dreams. A Dream Oracle Hours session includes coaching around healing modalities to bring what we discover through our exploration of your dreams down to earth in practical ways.

This may include daily practices such as meditation or breath work, or may be more oriented toward lifestyle, mindset, and self care in general. The possibilities are endless and waiting for you to meet them.

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