• Viral Self Reliance

    I have spent much of my time in quiet lately, observing and listening so I might familiarize myself with this virus’s tongue. I want to hear what it has to say. It wouldn’t be shouting so loudly if it was not desperate to be heard. Nothing occurs outside of the call and response of this […]

  • Free Guided Meditation Series

    It is undeniable that we are living in turbulent times. I hope you are keeping yourself well by prioritizing nutrition, hydration, rest, and most importantly: good information. It’s not easy to step away from the media machine, but if we can manage to keep our focus on trusted sources who center logic, reason, and personal […]

  • Good News: March 2020

    This month I chose to be led by the axiom As Above, So Below when choosing our cards. I took some artistic liberty to alter the concepts a bit, because what is life without experimentation? I chose As Above to represent Divine/Spirit/Source/Universe/etc’s highest wish for us, and So Below to represent how we can weave […]