A black and white photo of Megan

Welcome to Ancient Sight Holistics, my name is Megan, but you can call me Little Ram if you like. I am an animist oracle, poet, and teacher actively remembering the whole of my being. I offer supportive, intuitive services to folks awakening to the richness of life.

I want you to know that none of us are broken and we always have the power to change. I am here to help you re-learn that you have an innate ability to heal, the modern world has simply lost touch with the old ways that are worth saving.

I offer tarot readings, oracular transmissions, dream work, individualized yoga, meditation, energy work, and more to empower you to reclaim your autonomy in a world where many are deeply asleep.

My ancestral lineage is half mystery, half Lithuanian. The known half of my lineage heavily informs my work and personal practice. I was raised in rural Connecticut, took about a decade long detour into city life mostly in Brooklyn, NY, and currently steward a small piece of traditional Abenaki and Pennacook land on N’dakinna, The Dawnland Confederacy, more commonly known as New Hampshire.

When I am not facilitating sessions, I am weaving words, tending my garden, nourishing myself and family, and playing seeing eye human to Lexi the Blind Deaf Dog.

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