A Laumė Oracle

Reaching a peak on the perpetual journey of self discovery, I recently recognized myself as an Oracle. The deeper I dig, I realize that this has been true all of my life, but about a year ago a channel between myself and the Otherworld / Unseen World opened up.

One morning I had decided to give free-writing a try, and immediately upon sitting down there was what I can only describe as another consciousness present in my mind. I wasn’t hearing a voice, but rather feeling thoughts that didn’t feel like mine, and what was transmitting was poetry. I wrote it all down in a rush of delight and curiosity. I was intrigued by the result, wondering if it was a one-time experience, and so made this a daily practice for some time to see. I came out of that experiment with a collection of poems I have found both provocative and instructive in the cultivation of self sovereignty. I was thrilled to be receiving these transmissions, but true to my nature I wanted to know who I was connecting with and why.

Over the course of the year that followed, I engaged in a lot of intentional practice with this channel, and was met with clarion synchronicity in response time and again. While I realize I am only just beginning, I can confidently declare that I am an Oracle of the Laumė, or the faerie folk of Lithuania and the rest of the Baltic region. Half of my bloodline runs deep in this country, interestingly it is the only part of my bloodline I am sure of, and so I trust that my attention is drawn to its oldest known Goddesses. The following is a reimagining of their story based on research, meditations, and my direct experience sharing consciousness with them.

The Laumė were once sky folk, but descended to Earth because of their love for human beings and their compassion for our suffering. On Earth they transformed into water beings, known to dwell in ponds, lakes, dense/damp forests, and abandoned wells and bath-houses. The love they held swelled so much it burst them open, and they fell to Earth as rain, the mist of their bodies shining, luminous as they traveled downward.

While falling to Earth as rain, the radiance of their spirits shone against the sky and appeared to the human eye as a rainbow. Their fractal nature bent the light they once embodied into a banner of sovereign hope. We are drawn to rainbows because we feel the shining memory of their love reverberating in the sky across the ages: a love so powerful it broke them apart and they chose to come into sacred relationship with the Earth and with us, their beloved human beings.

Upon the ground they gathered where rain naturally pooled to be reborn into terrestrial form, bodies pieced together and modeled after varying parts of the interesting creatures populating their new home. The droplets that sunk instead into the forest floor joined the underground waters, carving trails like neural pathways into the consciousness of the Earth. There, they were woven into nature’s subconscious where they can surf the mycelia, gathering the knowledge that informs their transmissions.

Faerie Rings of mushrooms form where the terrestrial and subterranean Laumė come together in joyous confluence. They dance seasonally in ritual exchange of the knowledge they gather from the conscious and subconscious Earth, and sit in collaborative counsel to devise the methods to transmit the lot to the people with eyes to see and ears to hear.

It was love and compassion for our suffering led the Laumė to come to earth and share our fate. Historically associated with weaving and other sacred traditions of women, they, to me, are not unlike Spider spinning the web of life.

When I receive from them, their messages and instructions encourage us to reconnect to harmonious purpose. They communicate how we might weave ourselves back into the web, honoring the responsibility we carry as sentient beings on this Earth, the body of the Great Goddess.

Above all, they direct us back to the transformative power of love.

How I will serve as a Laumė Oracle will take time and practice to take shape. I see ceremonies and circles, and I hold the infinite possibilities with hope in my heart and trust the timing, enthusiastic as I am.

For the time being, they speak through me in poems, which are gifts for everyone, you all will continue to receive them in this space. For those feeling a deeper pull, you can commission one just for you by clicking here.

If you are interested in an individual session/ceremony, please email me and we can discover what that looks like together.

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