Good News: April 2020

I hope that you and yours are well.

I have truly enjoyed experimenting with the format of this newsletter, and I thank you for your willingness to come along with me. Given the state of the world and the (often chaotic, sinister) truth revealed under the crumbling over-culture, I think we could all use a little more stable, consistent energy. 

I feel as though I have settled on the questions to guide our collective readings from here on out (or for a while, at least) this month: a card to show us what we can allow to rest, and one to show us where we would be wise to direct our attention.

You can think of it like turning away/turning toward or releasing/cultivating as well, all of these descriptions apply. 

What can we allow to rest? Child of Cups
Where would it be wise to direct our attention? Art/14 (rx)

The collective reading is below, along with a link to my free guided meditations, and a new way to work with me over distance.

With gratitude,


Child of Cups encourages us to approach our emotions as a child does: boundless, in their full depth, and without any self consciousness. Children do not think twice before bursting into tears or ripping out peals of uproarious, shrieking joy.

We are moving through a time where much is being revealed that doesn’t fit into the narrative we have all been sold by those who gain their power through oppression. It is only natural that we have a lot of strong feelings about the truths we learn and how deep the deception goes. Big feelings have their place and must be expressed in order to carry us to a state of being where we can take action, but because this card represents what we can allow to rest, we are being guided to look at where expression might be showing up as reaction.

The action of resting this card is that of pausing and conserving energy. Notice when your attention is pulled away from reality/the present moment and how the mind starts spinning up stories. It can so easily snowball into being thrown into a full storm of anxiety, unknowns, and what-ifs. In a way, I think this card in this position is asking us to grow up a little.

Children are easily pulled this direction and that, they believe even the most fantastic of tales because they have not yet had the life experience to execute critical thinking. We must still nurture our inner child by feeling our feelings, of course, but remember that we do, in fact, have a say over what happens to us. We have agency. We are resourced. We do not have to wait helplessly for someone to save us. We actually have much more power than we realize, which brings me to Art/Card 14 (reversed).

Art/Card 14 is traditionally known as Temperance, and I first came to know it in my Haindl deck as Alchemy. If we are in a childlike mindset when it comes to emotions, we don’t have any ability to step into the role of Creator in our lives. Art has shown up reversed, gently pointing out that we would be wise to look at how we might be indulging ourselves a bit too much. It might be with poor nutrition, but more broadly I think this is reminding us that remaining in a reactive state blurs our vision to the ways we might be more productive (and I do not mean “productive” as a source of labor to be exploited).

It is true that a lot of structures are dissolving, and I don’t want to dismiss the very real suffering that has occurred and will continue as a result, but if you really think about it, how strong can something be if it collapses without the masses to prop it up? We’re being asked to turn our attention to the ways we can help ourselves, and to be creative while we do so.

Choose to focus on who is actually stepping up to take care of actual people and let that inspire you. Personally, I’ve been so moved by the people in my community sharing food and other resources, offering to shop for our elders, sewing masks for hospital staff, local cafes delivering pay-it-forward meals to nurses, and a big uptick in folks learning ancient life skills like how to grow food, forage mushrooms, make herbal medicine, and tune into the quiet well of wisdom within.

Our choices right now will create the world we “come back” to, which is to say that we haven’t actually left and that this notion has always been true. But we have a window here where the facade has fallen, and if we turn a critical eye toward the world we have been living in and all the choices that led to this point, we may well discover we weren’t all that satisfied with being “taken care of” in an infantilized state, and much prefer a life created of, by, and for The People.

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Viral Self Reliance
A tale from the blog:

I have spent much of my time in quiet lately, observing and listening so I might familiarize myself with this virus’s tongue.

I want to hear what it has to say. It wouldn’t be shouting so loudly if it was not desperate to be heard. Nothing occurs outside of the call and response of this universe. We have called this into being, we would be wise to listen.

Below the din of the chaotic ripples made by precocious games of telephone hums a truth this shadow puppet culture has trained us not to see.

The forces we rely on – who presume they have the strength to save the world with the same pen strokes and falsehoods and mutually accepted delusion they use to destroy it – are showing their quivering, upturned bellies but still calling them horns………

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Free Guided Meditations* 
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Available for download from my website, these audio recordings are roughly 30 minutes in length. They are intended not only to ground you, but to reorient you toward working with the resources and wisdom you already carry within.

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Intuitive Guided Meditation Sessions
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After I guide you back to ordinary consciousness, you have the opportunity to share your experience or silently reflect.

Finally, since what comes through is often useful for a particular season of your life not just an hour, an MP3 recording of the meditation is yours to keep and revisit throughout that season.

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