Viral Self Reliance

I have spent much of my time in quiet lately, observing and listening so I might familiarize myself with this virus’s tongue.

I want to hear what it has to say. It wouldn’t be shouting so loudly if it was not desperate to be heard. Nothing occurs outside of the call and response of this universe. We have called this into being, we would be wise to listen.

Below the din of the chaotic ripples made by precocious games of telephone hums a truth this shadow puppet culture has trained us not to see.

The forces we rely on – who presume they have the strength to save the world with the same pen strokes and falsehoods and mutually accepted delusion they use to destroy it – are showing their quivering, upturned bellies but still calling them horns.

The aeon of powers that profit from the exploitation of the human desire for purpose is closing.

I see plans to throw the people crumbs, crumbs to keep them alive long enough to use their labor again for industry: valued and revered as a god in the center of the wheel that traps us in revolution around manufactured ideals.

But when the wheel stops grinding and the blurred background begins to clear, we can focus on what they want to blind us to: the face of true resilience.

How strong can structures be that need propping up by false currency? Meanwhile the earth knows how to take a single hard pebble seed into her belly and alchemize a forest to feed us all. She makes mushrooms that can eat our plastic abominations that can feed us when they are done. She survives. She endures. And always she creates.

We mirror this when we take it upon ourselves to trade with our neighbors, to feed strangers, to put our hands into The Mother and remember what we really need, to endure the pain of separation to save people we will never meet.

A crumbling projection of power will never save us for the sake of liberation, they will save us so we may once again be harnessed.

We are being called to re-learn what is is to participate rather than control. For a moment our shackles are unlocked, but our hands must be willing to remove the chains.

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