Free Guided Meditation Series

It is undeniable that we are living in turbulent times. I hope you are keeping yourself well by prioritizing nutrition, hydration, rest, and most importantly: good information.

It’s not easy to step away from the media machine, but if we can manage to keep our focus on trusted sources who center logic, reason, and personal responsibility/community care then I know we will weather this time as all of our ancestors weathered theirs. 

To give what I can to my community, I decided this morning to record the first of a series of guided meditations that I am making available for free/by donation below. This meditation focuses on reflecting back to us what is going on emotionally on our surface, and what wisdom and resources are underneath.

And if you aren’t totally overwhelmed with information yet, I want to recommend two podcast episodes mainly focused on nutrition I have found very helpful. They both are full of practical action you can put into place to keep yourself, your loved ones, and your greater human community well.

Click here to listen to the Wise Traditions Podcast episode 232
Click here to listen to the Funktional Nutrition Podcast episode 92 

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