Good News: March 2020

This month I chose to be led by the axiom As Above, So Below when choosing our cards. I took some artistic liberty to alter the concepts a bit, because what is life without experimentation? I chose As Above to represent Divine/Spirit/Source/Universe/etc’s highest wish for us, and So Below to represent how we can weave this wish most skillfully into our lives.

As Above: Four of Cups (rx)
So Below: Seven of Stones (rx)

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I can only speak for myself, but I don’t think it’s much of a leap to say that most of us have probably been feeling really uncomfortable. For me, I have moments where I’m nearly crawling out of my skin. I have a lot of energy churning just barely beneath the surface. It feels enthusiastic, like a little puppy who just can’t stop wiggling because life is new and there is so much to explore and celebrate. At times it feels unbearable, because it seems like this energy has nowhere to ground.

Despite the wiggly puppy spirit inside, when I turn outward everything significant feels up in the air, aimless or out of reach. We might see our well laid plans and sincere intentions crumbling at weak points we were not aware of, dry rot in our structures hidden out of sight until it was too late. This is especially disheartening to those of us who have been actively healing/developing our relationship to trust. Even though we’re tuning in, listening, and responding, still somehow what we envision doesn’t land.

What’s actually being offered to us at this time is the opportunity to see how much we have changed/evolved internally but perhaps haven’t yet brought this evolution into our behavior. This is the influence of the Emperor container we are in for 2020 encouraging us to actually, physically walk our talk.

We’ve talked this year about taking up space starting inside our own minds by observing and fine tuning our thoughts. This process, when done with attention and diligence, requires huge amounts of effort and stamina. It’s quiet work, but that doesn’t mean it is easy, as I am sure you know well. It’s inevitable that we have to let some opportunities slide when we are in this space, and we must trust that doing so is not a waste or foolish. This is how we learn the value of saying no in an effort to serve our highest good. When this is a regular practice and we start to feel the benefits, it can be tempting to want to hang out there. But like all things, even this practice has a season.

The discomfort we are feeling now is the stuff of evolution. This energy comes to us wanting to make sure we don’t stay too long in spaces we have outgrown. We’re being called to take some tangible action for ourselves that is aligned with our new way of thinking. We don’t need to become so humbled that we forget our free will and agency. We have the ability to show Divine/Spirit/Source/Universe/etc just exactly how we want to be treated by first doing this for ourselves in a deliberate way, no matter how small. How have we been consciously or unconsciously perpetuating behavior that is still in line with our old mindset? How can we change that? These are the questions we want to begin with, and the rest lies in trusting the timing of Divine Response.

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