Good News: February 2020

A very warm hello to you, my friend.

I made a very Emperor move this month. You see, as a wee traumatized, flailing, and imbalanced Aries Sun and Moon, I used to demand that people hear me. I would thrust my opinions into the ears of anyone I disagreed with, certain that the sheer force of my delivery would be enough to convince them of the truth: that I was right and they were wrong and boy would they be sorry once they realized it.

As I understand it now, that’s not the most effective way to share and exchange information if our goal is in fact to arrive at something that feels True. What I internalized at the time, however, was that no one cared about what I had to say. So for a long time, I stopped talking and started writing. It felt safe because it was just for me.

What I learned after the words I wrote began asking to be shared was that maybe the problem wasn’t me after all, perhaps it was my delivery method. When I questioned that, a gateway to healing was opened.

A big part of this healing is taking action with my humbled and reformed perspective, and in the context of this Emperor year that means a lot of taking up space, using my voice, and distributing my wisdom as a resource to all who desire to receive it.

This is all to say, I finally participated in the beautiful exchange of information we know as podcasting! I was the guest on episode five of the Awakened Tarot podcast, where we talk raw and unscripted about The Chariot/Card 7 of the Major Arcana. A very Emperor move, indeed. You can click here or on the image below to give it a listen, and please let me know what you think!

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Ace of Cups / The World/21 reversed

I approached my deck with the question “What do we most need to know about this month?” In response we received the Ace of Cups and The World/Card 21 reversed.

We are being asked this month to go through a process of receiving ourselves. Radical self approval is what is required of us at this time in order to be ready for a new cycle to begin. This is different from indulging every whim or desire that courses through us. What I mean by radical self approval is to free yourself from the idea that some future version of yourself is the version of you that is worthy of your love, attention, and admiration. The version of yourself that you are right now, broken and incomplete as you may perceive them to be, is the one you must fall in love with.

The World has shown up in reverse for a reason. We are likely starting to be able to perceive the next cycle that is available to us in the world of form, probably in unexpected ways. We can feel it. We are so close we can taste it. We have invested our efforts patiently and diligently to say YES to who we are and what we came here to do. We’re most likely making connections between seemingly unrelated occurrences, showing us the larger arc of our story with well-rounded context.

With all of this work under our belt, it follows naturally that the new cycle we are starting to perceive is the answer to our prayers, and yet, there is hesitation on our part. This may cause some intense internal dissonance, something along the lines of “Well why wouldn’t I want to jump into a new cycle? My eyes are open, my mind is clear, I can see what’s being offered, what’s wrong with me that I’m not ready?” This line of thinking points directly to the work needed to actually be ready for the new cycle, not just the idea of it. The wiser question (that would invite us into an expansive thought journey) would be to wonder why we think that not being ready means there is something wrong with us.

A new cycle is only ready to begin once we have thoroughly explored every aspect of our being as we know it and allowed each and every one of those aspects to evolve our integrity. Be aware of moments this month when you catch yourself being unkind or impatient with the way you feel. These moments point to unhealed/unaccepted aspects of your being that are calling out not to be left behind or ignored. There is medicine there if we take the time to look. The work of healing/accepting these aspects is what is needed for you to be fully prepared for the new cycle that is taking shape. Its form fleshes out fully as you come back home to yourself. I promise there is plenty of time.

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