Good News: December 2019

Happy December, my friend! Thank you for being here to receive this transmission, it means more to me than I am able to say.

Please enjoy the collective tarot reading for the month of December below, as always please take to heart what resonates, and leave the rest behind.

With gratitude,


There is a feeling of pressure and tension. It is building and pushing, we may not be able to name it, but we feel it urging us to morph into the next evolution of our being. This pressure is benevolent, its purpose is to spur the very best out of our movement through the world. Tension arises when we feel the truth of what is being asked of us, what is required of us, but do not believe we have the capacity. We are being trusted. We feel the weight that trust carries and might be unsure of our ability to rise.

A great plague of our time is shortsightedness. For those who are still small, tender, and young inside despite an ever aging vessel, this manifests in the sincere belief that because things are as they are now, that this is the way they have always been, and so never need to change. For those who say yes to the invitation into personal responsibility, this manifests as a hazy memory, evolutionary amnesia.

When was the last time you paused to consider the magnitude of your changes? Your growth? All the iterations of Self that you have birthed and nurtured and returned to death to be birthed and nurtured and returned to death and so on and on?

All of life moves in cycles, and on this threshold between years where we are not quite here as we look forward to the next unknown, but not quite there as we are still comforted by what we have known already, remaining open is the key element necessary to recharge our resilience.

We have been given a lot of opportunity to look true darkness square in the face recently, and if you take time to reflect on the brilliance of your heart in spite of that, I hope it will bolster your strength. If you are still conscious, awake, aware, and have a desire to evolve, that is tremendous evidence that you have what it takes. Use this evidence to quiet any doubt that tries to stand in your way.

We are being invited to end a cycle of oppression and inequality, which is no small undertaking as we see just how deep the roots go. This we must remember as we step forward, willing to be true to our nature: abundant, creative, and reverent.

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