Good News: October 2019

It has been a while since we have connected through this portal. This quiet time has been spent in co-creative transformation for me personally and professionally. It is no wonder, this calendar year, presided over by The Empress / The Hanged One, provides fertile ground for this sort of inner work.

The Empress / Hanged One energies have been guiding me to seek and understand the roots and origins of behaviors and patterns in my life, ultimately to heal them so I might reorient to the roots and origins of my being free of societal programming.

I had the good fortune recently to come across a podcast featuring modern day wise woman Marija Gimbutas. I was peripherally aware of Dr. Gimbutas as an archeologist hailing from my own motherland of Lithuania, I have had a few of her books on my wish list for months. What I did not realize is that Dr. Gimbutas has made tremendous contributions to the world with her life’s work. “In her work she reinterpreted European prehistory in light of her backgrounds in linguistics, ethnology, and the history of religions, and challenged many traditional assumptions about the beginnings of European civilization.” Like so many visionaries before her, her findings were largely dismissed, but that did not stop academics and seekers alike from taking her very significant work to heart.

Aspects of Dr. Gimbutas’s theories about the societies of old Europe (and the invasions which ultimately destroyed them) have recently been vindicated by advancements in genetic research. What fascinates me the most is her logical vision of how old Europe functioned: as egalitarian societies centered around respectful, reciprocal relationship to the Great Goddess as the giver of life, wielder of death, and energy of regeneration.

These societies were gynocentric, they centered women and goddesses, but were not matriarchal, because men / the masculine were not secondary to women / the feminine, rather the two were cooperative. The masculine played an invaluable role as initiator of creation, and we’re absolutely not just talking about pregnancy and birth. But, as evident by the life cycles easily observed in their natural surroundings, the people of this time understood the intrinsic value and necessity of the feminine with all its wisdom and mystery in the perpetual cycle of life, death, and regeneration.

The difference is that the feminine was not in power over the masculine as the inverse of the patriarchy we live under today, but rather the two functioned as one harmonious whole. Dr. Gimbutas makes reference to this by showing that in all of the archeological digs she led in her research all over Europe, not one weapon of war was found.

This is all to say that the time feels ripe for harmonized expression of our so-called duality. For me this looks like bringing fluidity to order by allowing the deep wisdom of my femininity inform the logic of my masculinity instead of overrunning it! Most practically, this has manifested a lot of change in my online presence, including our new name and a new website which I invite you to check out here. Our email address will remain the same for now, but you’ll be hearing from us as Ancient Sight Holistics from here on out.

Let’s take a look at what the tarot has to say about where we might consider focusing our attention this month centering harmonized expression in our hearts.

Ten of Stones - The Haindl Tarot

What a glorious reflection to receive! In The Haindl Tarot, Stones are the suit of Earth. When we receive a Stones card, we know we’re going to be looking at our relationship to resources, abundance, our life purpose, our bodies, and wholeness.

In Ten of Stones, we can see a rocky cliffside swathed in mist, the sun rising and gaining strength the part the clouds and present their life-sustaining golden light to all of creation. We can consider these two prominent elements of the card, the solid rocks and the ethereal mist, as representing the two parts of our being: the practical and the spiritual.

These two might seem to be opposites or at odds with one another, but after some reflection, we can discover that the perception of one creates the existence of the other. They are eternally connected, just as there cannot be light without darkness, we cannot experience softness if we have not experienced hardness.

Everything exists with its counterpart in divine tension, including the parts of us who wash dishes, pay the bills, and keep us grounded alongside the parts of us who sit in high ceremony, meditate, and make meaning. This is to say that neither the practical nor the spiritual holds more weight than the other, that if we are conscious in our living then we are available to true richness: the beauty of the Universe’s perfect design where one aspect of a duality serves its counterpart. For example, sitting at my computer typing is a practical, modern activity, but as I type this reading it serves my calling to relate to the unseen and transmit ancient, timeless wisdom.

We’re invited this month to turn our awareness toward the value in every experience, even and especially those that are unpleasant or challenging. In some way, every experience serves if we’re willing to look beyond our circumstances.

Without conscious awareness of the concurrent practical and spiritual nature of life, we lack a reference point and our experience weighs too heavily on one side. Natural law will have the other side be known, whether it’s our choice or not. When we make the choice to explore wholeness, we absorb lessons and wisdom more readily, we have more self compassion, we are more interested in what life is teaching. Either way, we’ll likely eventually arrive at the same conclusions, but conscious effort supercharges our results, it helps us evolve more completely so when we are really ready to complete a cycle, we leave it entirely and begin the next one with elevated understanding.

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