News from the depths

Hello, friends.

It’s been some time and that’s because it has been a hell of a year. I wish I had the energy to elaborate, but suffice to say that I am in the process of surrendering to what is present and releasing the desire for what is not.

Despite the massive transformation I am feeling my way into, I have two exciting projects to share:


I am so pleased to present the first edition of The Bija Tarot Workbook and Journal. This workbook is a gently guided year of intuitive tarot.

For each month of the year, a single card is offered to represent an invitation to the human collective, expanded upon with a poem I received in meditation with each one. This collective card is presented with space for the reader to draw an individual card and interpret the two as a guiding spread for the month ahead.

The workbook also includes brief daily journal space (excellent for recording meaningful events, dreams, synchronicities, or even to use as a day planner) and 5 multi-card bespoke spreads to pull cards and journal on distributed in timely fashion throughout the year.





I am also pleased to present THE LUSCIOUS TEE. This original design features the bold declaration of all beings who embrace and embody their multitudes unapologetically.

This design is available on a variety of T-Shirt styles, as well as stickers, mugs, tote bags and more.




It’s a gift-giving time of year for many, I hope these creations help you check a couple of luscious, curious beings off your list.

Happy Winter (or Summer), my friends.

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