TAROT TUESDAY: Two of Swords invites us to contain and recycle our energy

We’re invited this week to continue our work with boundaries and sacred pauses. Last week we were asked to call a time out and explore why we needed it. This week we will likely have the opportunity to experience what it is like to put the new boundaries and communication styles we discovered last week into practice.

In short, this means we may be confronted by challenging interactions within the relationship we’re working to make more peaceful and nourishing. We’re reminded to be gentle and kind to ourselves if we aren’t able to uphold our boundaries or communicate our needs with precision just yet. We must remember that we are still learning.

Much like a child learning to walk, our legs may be unsteady and move with jerky rhythm, and our center of gravity may be located in a place that doesn’t lend a hand to mastering this new coordination. Just as expressing disappointment or frustration to a child learning to walk is senseless, so it is to berate ourselves for learning the new ways to nurture the existence we desire and deserve.

Remember that the entire point of upholding our boundaries and communicating our needs is to learn to live in a state of self care as our default. In this state, we cultivate our energy, stoke our inner fire, keeping what we need and putting the rest into what we define as creation.

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