TAROT TUESDAY: Ace of Wands invites us to lend our light to the collective

The Aces of the minor arcana are like a gift handed directly to us from Spirit, and all action we take in the energy of this card will be blessed.

When I consider what a pure expression of Wands energy might look like, what comes to mind is a fire that is so skillfully wielded that it knows what to burn up and what to warm gently. It sits alight on the heart and illuminates the path ahead. It travels dynamically through, out of, around, and back to us. It seeks to connect and join with other fires of this same quality.

And so, we are invited this week to tend the flame we carry within us. Know that what is within you that has been asking to be shared / created is ready to be received. We’re encouraged to throw any trepidation we feel into the flames and allow it change form into fuel.

Know that while the fire we carry is unique to each one of us, they recognize one another as a familiar, and meaningful connections and collaborations in service to what we need to create can easily form when we are walking in the energy of Ace of Wands.

Shine singularly so as to contribute your unique facet to the collective brilliance of all.


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