TAROT TUESDAY: Son of Wands invites us to illuminate another’s darkness

When we receive a court card in a reading, we’re often being invited to tap into a manner of operating in the world as a continuation or extension of our internal work.

Son of Wands is comprised of two elements: fire for their suit of Wands and air for their descriptor as Son. What happens when fire and air combine? The fire rushes outward, hot and bright. Because we’re speaking about a court card and mastery is implicit, we are assured that the quality of this fire (large though it may be) is not out of control or dangerous, it is nourishing and inspiring.

We’re encouraged to discover our capacity to embody uplifting exuberance by engaging deeply with our process and sharing about it. This does not have to look like a finished, polished product launch or anything of the sort. Even if that is precisely where you are, we’re asked to share the harder parts, the struggles, the pitfalls, etc. The joy and exuberance comes as we share vulnerably and receive feedback that echoes our experience and/or inspires someone to engage with their process with deeper connection.

This looks something like Shameless Self Promotion, but it’s more like Shameless Self Sharing. This is a high expression of self love, it is a challenge I think most of us feel uneasy about rising to. If we can be shameless as we illuminate our creation and the process we followed / are following, we become a beacon of sorts. We radiate confidence in the totality of our experience. The parts of our process we might rather leave untold because we have been conditioned to believe that they are ugly and will leave us unloved are exactly the parts that others need to hear about. Contrary to what our conditioning might have us believe, these “skip over” experiences actually inspire adoration. They spread the spark that ignited our inner fire beyond ourselves.

Seek the opportunity to rise to this challenge this week, as your action is exactly what someone else is waiting for.

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