TAROT TUESDAY: Six of Swords teaches us to dig down to burst out

We continue to build upon the invitation for collaboration we keep receiving with the arrival of Six of Swords. The flavor is slightly different this week, as Six of Swords invites us to engage with one another in order to heal something deeply buried that proves to be special medicine for the work we are being called to do.

When we begin to open ourselves earnestly to receive what we need in collaboration with other people or entities, the potential for what we are able to create expands rapidly. This rapid expansion is very scary to nervous systems and brains who will do anything they can to keep us safe and alive. Even though expansion is not a threat, they can’t help but perceive it as such because of the massive shifts and changes that come with the territory.

What tends to show up is something deeply ingrained, painful, and long buried that when we are reminded of it, it shocks us back into safety. For example, after a productive meeting with a collaborator filled with amazing, heart-bursting-open ideas and plans, you find yourself plagued by doubt, fear, and “who am I to think I can do this work” type of thoughts once you’re alone. That is an experience of the brain or nervous system kicking and screaming away the expansive change that would come of you continuing your work with your collaborator.

Now, when this kicking and screaming is of the Six of Swords variety, the thoughts or beliefs that surface tend to be extra painful or shameful. This is by design. The amount of shock the brain needs to induce to pull you back down to “safety” is directly proportional to the level of expansion that is possible if you were to continue down the path you intend. In other words, the brain pulls out all the stops and goes right for the kill, so to speak.

The invitation here is to examine the origins and the truthfulness of these limiting thoughts and beliefs as they arise also in a collaborative setting. This is the time to rebel against the isolating effects these thoughts tend to have, also by design, because if you have to face the task of excavating to the roots of these thoughts, you’ll never even begin. It feels too heavy. It feels impossible. The truth is that it is anything but, so long as you have help. Reach out to trusted friends or family members, the people you know will always tell you the truth that you can’t necessarily see on your own. The call to action is to excavate all the way down to the roots of these thoughts that are not true and finally expose them, give them the care they need, and then release them so that you may carry on your work.

When Six of Swords shows up, it’s possible that we are the ones who need the help excavating, but it’s equally possible we will be asked to be the excavator for someone else. It may be a bit of both, especially because we’ve been seeing so many messages of collaboration / partnership lately. In any case, we’re reminded that this excavation is not to be viewed as a burden or a hurdle to jump over in order to get the thing we’re working for. This excavation is necessary if we are to fully receive the expansion our work is capable of bringing to our lives. It is here to provide us an experience of holding space / having space held for us and the ripples that such action creates long down the line. This experience of space holding is equally as important as the healing that can come of it, knowledge that would be wise to hold close as you dig, pass the shovel, rest, and (when you’re ready) take the shovel back.




Speaking of digging deep into our depths in the name of healing, July’s issue of Widening The Spiral has much to say on the topic, the process, and what it may yield.

Our guiding message for the month of July is: “We must fill our eyes with light to see completely through the dark and recover what is yet unprocessed.”

Inspired by the Summer Solstice and the paradox it holds (that we welcome warm, bright summer days as we turn toward the dark), our collective reading gets into shadow work and the medicine we might find if we’re willing to look in places that may have been dark for ages.

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