The Mirror Spread

Happy New Moon in Gemini, friends!

When I originally channeled this tarot spread for my Monthly Tarot Circle at The River Guild, I hadn’t planned on making it public, but this morning I had an experience that pulled me toward just that.

June seems to be offering the opportunity to view how duality is playing out in our lives, particularly the ways in which denying the broken or messy aspects of ourselves only leads to further division instead of the healing we intended.

When we can accept that all parts of us are not only present but necessary, that is when the opportunities for true healing reveal themselves, like a sort of scar tissue that aids in stabilizing an injury even if it doesn’t look pretty.

So in the spirit of the work required to heal the wounds of duality, I offer you The Mirror Spread.

The Mirror Spread
1 • Where is the most division / separation / duality present in my life?
2 • What might becoming aware of this duality illuminate for me?
3 • How does this duality express itself within me / my behavior?
4 • How do I attempt to hide it from myself and others?
5 • How does perpetuating this duality wound me?
6 • What might uniting / merging this duality open room for in my life?
7 • Where does the opportunity for healing arrive?

I invite you to pull cards for yourself, or if you don’t read tarot, I am offering a limited number of appointments for email readings with this spread. Please click here to view what is still available. I won’t offer readings with this spread again, so once they are booked they are gone, I encourage you to book yours promptly.

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