TAROT TUESDAY: This week we are invited to experience Four of Cups (reversed)


As we took a pause last week to examine and view what felt like obstacles in a new light, we were free to experience them as helping hands steering us out of darkness we may not have even realized we were in. This week is similar in the sense that we’re invited to shift our perspective, but different in that we’re invited to take some subtle action along with that shift.

The instruction that came through was “Soften your grip so that light may fill your cups.” This week is a time to examine your comfort around receiving something you want deeply on a soul level. I get the sense that there is a boundary you have laid down unconsciously between yourself and what you want to receive, and at the time you laid it down it was absolutely right to do so. It has served you so well that you may have kept it up longer than was necessary, and so long as you hold it up, this boundary communicates NO despite any conscious communication of YES you may be working to put out. The key to softening this boundary is to become familiar with it, acknowledge it, and know that it is yours to revoke as it was yours to invoke in the first place. Its purpose has been served and Four of Cups (reversed) tells us that it is safe to let it dissolve.

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