TAROT TUESDAY: This week we are invited to experience Five of Stones (reversed)

Tarot Tuesday has moved into its new evolution: a single card drawn weekly for the collective, highlighting what we are being invited to experience for the coming week. For more in depth collective readings, please click here to read about our new monthly subscription offering entitled Widening The Spiral.

The Fives of the minor arcana in tarot signify contraction, the uncomfortably necessary preparation for an expansion. When it comes through in a reversed position, however, Five of Stones is like the first sight of new growth in the plant kingdom after the dormancy of Winter.

We’re invited this week to observe and appreciate the way abundance is showing up in our lives and to orient ourselves in such a way as to receive more. Basically, take a look at what is working for you and do more of it! Abundance is not limited to monetary wealth, so be open to widening the scope of your observation to all aspects of material life. When you identify the area of your life where abundance is beginning to show up, allocate a generous portion of your energy to cultivate healthy growth for times to come.

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