TAROT TUESDAY: We must receive what is returning to us in evolved form from an evolved place ourselves.

Thanks for checking in to read our collective reading this week. May you receive that which you most need to hear to align with the highest and best for all, and disregard anything that does not fortify you on your journey.


Notice a change?

I welcomed a new deck into my life on my 35th birthday last week, the first one in over 20 years! Say hello to The Wild Unknown. Never fear if you love the Haindl deck I usually work with, I’ll continue reading with both.

Speaking of my birthday…

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What are we moving through? Five of Pentacles (reversed)
▵ What is the undercurrent? Ace of Cups (reversed)
▵ What are we learning? Ace of Pentacles (reversed)

Something is on its way back to us after having moved through the process of dying, composting, and finally transmutation. This is likely related to something we wanted desperately in the past but that did not come to fruition. As it comes back to us in this evolved form, we will see with fresh perspective that its original form was not one that could fit well into our lives as they are now.

This perspective will prove to be vital in times to come as it is tangible evidence that we are held, guided, and cared for even when it seems like the complete opposite. This evidence is a treasure that will provide deep support as we move forward.

It’s important to also inquire after where we were internally the first time around. I imagine you’ll recall a time when negative self talk and / or self destructive behaviors were prevalent, probably much more than they are currently. This inquiry has to do with discovering the degree to which we currently embody self love, and where we can tend to ourselves more.

What is key here is recognizing that in order to set what is to come into its highest motion, we must receive what is returning to us in evolved form from an evolved place ourselves. In other words, we have to meet what is coming back to us on the same level if we are to bring it to fruition this time around. That said, it’s perfectly fine if we’re not quite there yet, in fact it’s likely that many of us are not. Truly, looking at ourselves with honesty devoid of judgment is what will reveal what we need to do to get there, which is a beautiful evolution in and of itself.

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