TAROT TUESDAY: 10 April, 2018

Thanks for checking in to read our collective reading this week. May you receive that which you most need to hear to align with the highest and best for all, and disregard anything that does not fortify you on your journey.


▵ What are we moving through? Two of Stones (reversed)
▵ What is the undercurrent? Seven of Stones
▵ What are we learning? Two of Cups (reversed)

The time is right to begin some practical, earthly work of processing an old trauma. It is the work of reassembling long lost pieces (events, thoughts, ideas, feelings) into a whole and complete picture that we can experience in a new way: as a map to a place beyond.

This is likely to show up as some inopportune disquiet, it is even more likely to be something you thought you had already worked through. It’s important to remember that this is not a sign that you did anything wrong/left anything unfinished in your previous processing, simply that there is another iteration ready for you to experience.

This new iteration is related to the role we play in the lives of others. They may be family members, chosen family, colleagues, collaborators, clients, strangers, or intimate companions. In any case, the trauma we have the opportunity to process further will allow for greater transparency and vulnerability, which sparks connection on a level as of yet unseen. This connection is key in times to come, as it will become a valuable source of creation.

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