TAROT TUESDAY: 27 March, 2018

Below is your tarot forecast for the week of 27 March.


▵ Where are we?  Six of Stones
▵ What is underneath / informing where we are? Daughter of Swords
▵ What are we learning? Mother of Swords (reversed)

We’re being invited to further our exploration of clarity and communication for the benefit of all this week.

We’re moving through a period of realizing the richness and abundance that is generated by equal exchange, by giving and receiving fully. Six of Stones informed by Daughter of Swords suggests that we are ready to share our own unique experience with others, realizing that we can enhance our connections by simply (or not so simply) being open and available to one another. It may be that we are ready to open up to a wide audience, or perhaps to an intimate community. The scope of our reach is not as important as the quality of our communication, which is where Mother of Swords (reversed) comes into play.

Mother of Swords is in a position to ask us to look honestly at what we have been communicating, either subtly or overtly. She invites us to explore not only what we say, but why we say it. If our intent and our methodology are misaligned, we succeed only in communicating ineffectively, which results in not receiving what we needed, causing harm to others, or some combination of both.

The call to action here is to take time to get very clear about what we really need, specifically what we need from the people we are feeling the call to open up to. Additionally, really take time to consider how they might best like to be asked to meet those needs. Mother of Swords reminds us here that the key to finding the way is knowing that this consideration before communication benefits everyone involved. After all, communicating our needs clearly meets a need for the other party as well: it removes the burden of guessing and interpretation entirely. We create a more fertile environment for new fruits to be born as we deepen and expand within relationships and community.

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