30 Days a Fool

The Fool 1

Yesterday I decided to start a 30 day art challenge. I plan to make a new digital collage every day for 30 days inspired by The Fool, card 0 of the tarot.

The Fool is a very special card in the tarot, who lives in No Time. The Fool is that perfect, divine spark that leads us head on into something we have no reason to believe will be safe, except that we KNOW. The Fool never steers us off course, quite the contrary, they make sure we never lose our way.

Below is my first work: The Fool 1 and is available for purchase as a print


Please join me in 30 Days a Fool by following along on instagram or by taking the challenge yourself. Create a piece of art (any and all sorts, please!) inspired by The Fool every day for 30 days. Start any time you like, let’s keep this rolling in No Time, true to our muse. I can’t wait to see your work! Please use the hashtag #embodiedhome30daysafool on your updates so I don’t miss them on instagram.

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