TAROT TUESDAY: 13 February, 2018

Below is your tarot forecast for the week of 13 February

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Daughter of Wands, Nine of Cups (reversed), and Eight of Wands

▵ Where are we?  Daughter of Wands
▵ What is underneath / informing where we are? Nine of Cups (reversed)
▵ What are we learning? Eight of Wands

This week we are being encouraged to remain playful and curious in spite of our circumstances, which in truth may feel more likely to incite panic than anything else. The urge you might feel to run away, give up, self destruct, etc comes from a very deep doubt trying desperately to remain alive and in control.

This is a telling time, a moment that will show us with brutal honestly just what we are ready for. A swift, radical change in circumstances is just ahead on our path, to be experienced in one of two ways. If we can accept the invitation to our inner child to take the wheel, and watch with wonder as our cups drain completely, curious to see what happens after their contents have evaporated, fully willing to feel what will stir wildly within, then the doubt we have been held captive by can no longer survive. The death of this doubt is what will allow our circumstances to change even more radically than we can imagine.

It may be, however, that we aren’t ready for this kind of surrender. In this case, the radical change is less tangible from the outside and takes the form of refocusing our attention to self inquiry. If we’re not able to tap into our inner, child-like wonder, then we must ask what is it that we need in order to do so? The swift change comes about once we become clear about what kind of support we need and take the steps to seek it out.

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