TAROT TUESDAY: 23 January, 2018

Below is your tarot forecast for the week of 23 January

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The Tower, Three of Stones (reversed), and Ten of Cups
The Tower, Three of Stones (reversed), and Ten of Cups
▵ Where are we?  The Tower
▵ What is underneath / informing where we are? Three of Stones (reversed)
▵ What are we learning? Ten of Cups


A great change is on the way. So great that it might even seem destructive, even bordering on catastrophic. This is by design.

There is something you have been engaging with that at first was meant to be temporary, something to get you by until you had enough money / time / insert resource of choice here to fulfill a deep desire of your heart. Somewhere along the way, this temporary circumstance has become permanent, and I believe this job / partnership / project / whatever it may be is precisely what is ripe to be dissolved.

I would not encourage you to brace yourself for the blow, but rather to recall previous experiences that seemed devastating, but in fact were catalysts for growth. Marvel in your resilience and allow it to act as your armor as you embrace what must fall down and away.

What is meant to fill the space created is a mastery that we are capable of wielding, but perhaps not not capable of perceiving just yet. Essentially, we’ll be provided the circumstances where our wildest dreams are the law of the land.

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