Welcoming the sacred NO

I have come to trust what some might consider failure to be one of the most clear and easily recognized gifts from Divine. For instance, every time I have “failed” to retain a client, or even attract a new one in the first place, I have later understood this to be exactly what was best. The process of garnering this understanding continues to be an imperfect experiment, and until recently fraught with self abuse and frustration.

The key to holding trust in my heart that Divine is acting in kindness when presenting me with a “NO” has been to accept it, but follow up by asking “So where is the YES?” Waiting for the answer to that question is arguably the most challenging part, mostly because uncovering it often takes a lot more time, space, inquiry and quiet than we anticipate. It helps to have a daily practice, some way of connecting and creating space for answers or inspiration to come. Essentially, we want to take the time to consciously create the circumstances for instructions we will respond to with an enthusiastic “YES” to come.

More and more often these days, I find myself receiving “NO” joyfully, because I recognize it as the most efficient way for Divine to communicate that something I’m doing isn’t in alignment for me. I do still have inklings of frustration, especially when “NO” doesn’t seem to make any sense from my narrow, human perspective. But I take comfort in knowing that it’s not on me to know all of the intricacies, all of the ripples that my actions might be a part of, Divine has that covered. I turn my energy and focus instead to cultivating the quiet and staying there for as long as necessary to uncover the “YES,” and I can take a deep breath and gratefully take a step.

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