TAROT TUESDAY: 5 December, 2017

Below is your tarot forecast for the week of 5 December

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Daughter of Swords, The Wheel of Fortune, and Aeon
Daughter of Swords, The Wheel of Fortune, and Aeon
▵ Where are we?  Daughter of Swords
▵ What is underneath / informing where we are? The Wheel of Fortune
▵ What are we learning? Aeon


There is a great gift coming: a space for us to occupy with confidence, grace, authority, and with newly transformed communication. What we have to say in this space will carry weight and clarity unlike anything we have experienced before, however, there is something required of us in order to fully receive this gift. It is arguably one of the hardest things to do: stand still, observe, and wait.

In general, The Wheel of Fortune asks us to stand in the middle to stay out of the way of the spokes as they bring us what we need in terms of circumstances, resources, inspiration, etc. This particular turn promises to bring us some process of refinement that we have not undergone as of yet. This refinement is what will allow what we have been laboring to put out into the world to make a deeper and more specific impact than we ever dreamed possible.

As The Wheel of Fortune turns and we dutifully sit on our hands, we would be wise to recall where our labor has felt joyful, and where it has felt forced/obligatory. We are looking for the opportunity to lean in to where we can direct most of our energy toward the more joyful labor. This will likely take us places we did not anticipate, or invite us to let go of something we really thought we wanted/had to do, but trust that this unexpected turn is deeply in service to your highest and best.

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