Below is your tarot forecast for the week of 14 November

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The Tower (reversed), The High Priestess (reversed), and Seven of Swords (reversed)
The Tower (reversed), The High Priestess (reversed), and Seven of Swords (reversed)
▵ Where are we? The Tower (reversed)
▵ What underneath/informing where we are? The High Priestess (reversed)
▵ What are we learning? Seven of Swords
The Tower informed by The High Priestess, both reversed, is an indication that we have some work to do within ourselves in the arena of discovering or developing our soul work. Soul work may be related to how we make a living, but not necessarily. In either case, it is the work we feel drawn to do in this life, the way we manage to influence the life of another in a positive way, so that they may do the same in their own way, and so on and so forth.
My impression is that we who are receiving this spread are sincere in our desire to connect deeply to intuition / magic / synchronicity / divine, etc for the purpose of being guided to do our soul work in the highest and best way we are capable of. This is what drives us to take better care of ourselves, and seek out community with others we witness executing their soul work with grace, creating a meaningful impact on the world. Learning from others is not a problem in and of itself. Furthering our education in skills that will enrich our ability to perform our soul work is very wise. However, while in the company of those we deeply admire, those we study under for a length of time, it’s possible to get stuck in the role of student. Because they touch our lives so deeply as we learn from them, we may assume that they must know something we don’t, or that they’ve connected to spirit on a level that we are not capable of.
I believe that this is why these cards are presenting themselves. Perhaps we are in the place right now where we are very comfortable seeking answers/further training from some resource outside of ourselves. We seek an outside resource that we believe knows better/more, and we feel satisfied and humble in this method of receiving knowledge. The gentle reminder is that we felt a call within ourselves that started this process of learning in the first place, and the time has come to integrate that spark from within with all of the knowledge we have gained from others.
We are being invited to take the time to rework what we have learned from outside sources from our own point of view, informed by our own experience. This process of turning our inquiry inward completes the experience of authentic discovery. Furthermore, it establishes trust in the presence of our connection to intuition / magic / synchronicity / divine, etc by illuminating the way through and out of feeling stuck. In other words, nothing outside of us can lead to a breakthrough. With outside study we may be better informed or prepared for what is coming next, but ultimately what brings what is next about must come from within.
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