Here is your tarot forecast for the week of 31 October

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This weekly tarot forecast is a reader supported offering. It is my intention as I channel these readings to bring forward some guidance for personal development, to put into words something that’s swirling around in our collective unconscious perhaps to provide a theme/framework for meditation, journaling, or maybe just shower thoughts. If you find value in these weekly newsletters, please consider offering support by booking a personal reading or by sharing this reading with a friend / on social media. Thank you, and many blessings!

Ten of Wands, Five of Swords (reversed), and The Star (reversed)
Ten of Wands, Five of Swords (reversed), and The Star (reversed)
▵ Where are we? Ten of Wands
▵ What underneath/informing where we are? Five of Swords (reversed)
▵ What are we learning? The Star (reversed)

The combination of Ten of Wands with Five of Swords reversed underneath looks to me like a maddening cycle. It’s as though we’re very clear about the direction we need to take, we know that This Thing is what is right for us, so we go after it. Then we get knocked down, but we’re sure that This Thing will be right around the corner if we just get up and try a new way. Then we get knocked down again, and again, and again. It leads to a feeling of being trapped, with nowhere else left to go because we’ve already tried everything we can think of, so maybe we were wrong about This Thing in the first place and we can’t trust ourselves to know what’s good for us.

This pattern of self doubt is the true oppression expressed in Ten of Wands. With The Star reversed in the mix, there is a beautiful invitation to heal this pattern. Far more likely than not, we weren’t wrong at all about This Thing, but perhaps we’re meant to change our approach in making This Thing a reality. Perhaps This Thing is not something we can go after, it’s something we must receive.

This is a turning point, the opportunity to heal our ability to receive. The Star is in a reversed position to lay a gentle hand on our shoulder and let us know that we have some work to do before we’re ready to receive This Thing. This is not because we’re broken or flawed, we’re not meant to be ashamed, we’re meant to recognize how vital a function receptivity is in fulfilling deep, soul-level desires.

The actual work we are being asked to do is of course different for each individual. Some of us may need to examine the way we speak to/treat ourselves, some may need to walk away from a certain relationship, some may need to change up their work commitments, the possibilities are endless. What is universally true is that taking the time to figure out what you need specifically and then actually taking steps to follow through with it is deep medicine. It provides your whole system with tangible proof that you feel your worth, because you took the time to compassionately take care of something you deeply needed. This results in an internal harmony between trust and receptivity: trusting that you know what you need to heal and allowing yourself to actually receive the healing. This resonates with bringing forward That Thing we wanted, and affords us the trust that we will receive it in the time and form that is in alignment with our highest and best.


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