Here is your tarot forecast for 17 October – 23 October, 2017

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Son of Stones (reversed), Father of Swords (reversed), The Magician (reversed)
Son of Stones (reversed), Father of Swords (reversed), The Magician (reversed)

▵ Where are we? Son of Stones (reversed)
▵ What is the subtext underneath where we are? Father of Swords (reversed)
▵ What are we learning? The Magician (reversed)

Are you feeling burnt out, dear reader? I know I am, and I have no doubt that my guides are responding to us by having facilitated this particular combination of cards as what we most need to hear this week.

Often, Son of Stones comes to remind us of our unshakable knowing, more specifically the connection we feel to the web that connects us all. In a reversed position, we may find ourselves wavering in our beliefs. We may have just one contrary or triggering experience too many, which can cause our hope for affecting change in our world to give way to despair and exhaustion. This is echoed deeply in Father of Swords reversed, which underlies Son of Stones reversed, but we are gently guided to deeper understanding about the path through the overwhelm we may feel in The Magician reversed.

The base reaction to the “one straw too many” type of experience can be a fast snap into retreat, just like a threatened turtle will pull back into its shell for protection. For me personally, this is showing up first as frustration, because I feel like I have been doing the work, emotionally, physically, spiritually, etc. I feel like I’m doing all that is being asked of me, but have yet to experience any tangible transformation/evolution. Then it dawns on me that there are many more like minded people who I respect and admire who understand the world in a similar way, and I cast an envious eye their way for my perception of their success even in these tumultuous times. This is when my dark spiral turns in on itself, bringing thoughts that turn me on to self indulgence, because what’s the point of working toward my highest and best when I end up feeling lousy and ineffectual either way? I may as well just park myself on the couch and tune out, because there are so many others who know better, who are more deeply connected, better educated, more practiced, more experienced, more blessed do the work with the stamina to bear the burden of rewiring than I could ever be. This small seed of self doubt rapidly germinates and invades a once thriving ecosystem. Does this sound familiar? If so, as I see it, the medicine is in the malady, and the invitation of The Magician reversed is what can revive our ecosystem before the invasive species causes collapse.

Recognizing this particular pattern of overwhelm + self doubt = collapse is in itself powerful medicine, and is absolutely a lifeline. This recognition is evidence of personal evolution, the very evidence we thought we lacked in the combination of Son of Stones reversed + Father of Wands reversed. It is evidence of our connection we perhaps felt we were not in fact held by. It is evidence that our work and effort is not fruitless, it’s simply not meeting our expectations. We must forgive ourselves for being human and having expectations of what transformation/evolution looks like in the first place, and be willing to accept what is rather than what should be. For me, providing myself this forgiveness allows trust to radiate outward. It is a deep trust and knowing in a force (which I call spirit) who does know all, who does see how and why every kindness matters, because they have the ability to conceive of such complexity, whereas I in my human body do not. It’s not for me to know, and this is a great comfort, not a cosmic brush off, because it is for spirit to know, they have it covered. That burden of all-knowing is not on me. When I feel I can put that burden down and relax into trust instead of expectation, the lightness that follows is more refreshing that anything I have ever experienced in this body. It is invigorating enough that I feel I can carry on doing my work, doing what is asked of me, keep my channel of communication open still, even (or especially) through times when giving up seems so much more appealing.


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