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Ace of Stones, Seven of Wands, and The Fool
Ace of Stones, Seven of Wands, and The Fool
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  • Ace is the root card of its suit, stones deal mainly in earthly, practical matters.
  • Seven of Wands calls for decicive but measured action in the face of difficulties.
  • The Fool is a very special card in the deck, recalling the value of our intuition in making the best choices for ourselves.

The distilled message that comes as I sit with these cards is “unlearning.” We are being called to identify the origin of our thoughts and behaviors, and to rework those we find to be untrue.

As we look upon Ace of Stones, we see an eagle descending from the sky to Earth, carrying with it the gift of Spirit, which affords all beings a consciousness and the gift of animation. Taking this image a little deeper to heart, we can see that our lives, simply by their own existence, are blessed as they descend from the divine. In modern/western society, we are often taught that we are separate from Divinity/God/Spirit/Mother Earth, but if we can take the time to appreciate the miracle of life, the cycles of nature, and the parallels of existence all around us, we can begin to recognize divine presence in humble daily life, and the value of the gifts Mother Earth freely gives us. This recognition is a powerful teacher, it can allow us the perspective to evolve our behavior from base reactivity to subtle, strong sensitivity.

Seven of Wands calls upon our sense of courage. While “courage” can conjure an image of meeting some sort of violence without backing down, the call here is to be discerning with your response to difficult situations or interactions. It is inevitable that we will face difficulties in life, but we can draw intelligence from the Earth to support us, as the Earth’s intelligence is of course a part of our own. Most of the time, nature does not rush, all cycles carry on as time and circumstance allow. The intelligence of the pace of nature, when applied to our response to difficult times, cultivates sustainability and more refined effort. When we are deeply aware of what is truly valuable in our lives, as called for in Ace of Stones, then we know better how to respond appropriately to what difficulties come our way. We’ll know when it’s time to face something head on, find a way to work around it, or when to let it go and walk away.

The Fool’s presence in this reading further emphasizes the importance of trusting our intuition. As we unlearn thoughts/behaviors/beliefs/patterns that previously limited us, and navigate life in closer alignment our true nature, we tend to start making different choices than we used to or than we are “supposed” to. We do this in service to our physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health and well-being, because it feels right and it makes perfect sense to us, even if we can’t explain our choices in words sometimes. It’s very likely that some outside presence in your life will view these choices as an affront to them personally because they don’t look exactly like the choices they have made. The backlash we might experience because of this can range from mild to severe, maybe you get a rude comment here and there on social media, or maybe your whole family disowns you. The Fool is here to remind you to keep on truckin’ on the path you know to be truly yours, and not to be afraid to ask for help and support when you need it. We are also called to recognize that personal responsibility is required to take fruitful action for ourselves, our home planet, and those we share it with.


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