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Six of Stones, The Tower, and Six of Swords
Six of Stones, The Tower, and Six of Swords
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  • Six of Stones sings of abundance, awakenings, and an auspicious time for a new arrival.
  • The Tower is essentially a clearing out of old, unsustainable circumstances.
  • Six of Swords recalls human curiosity to understand how things work.

In spite of the intensity of drawing both The Tower and a Swords suit, this reading is so ripe and rich, it’s full of possibility. I’m getting the image of diving wholeheartedly into eating a big, fat peach, letting the juice drip down your arm, savoring the flavor and texture, understanding and feeling the collaboration between Earth’s energy of creation and your body’s energy of digestion.

Something new and wonderful is about to open up. This is likely to be a new circumstance or development in your career, artistic projects, or your day to day creativity that will allow for greater abundance. This abundance may be monetary or spiritual, or even a combination of the two. It is important to note that this increased flow of abundance is temporary, as is everything in life, good and bad. The key to continual, lasting integration of this positive time is not letting this knowledge sour your experience. In other words, don’t lose the chance to savor and enjoy this time by worrying about what you will do when it has passed.

In the spirit of integrating this high experience of Six of Stones, we must acknowledge the other side of it: The Tower. The Tower is an intense card, it shows an explosion that results in total destruction. There is a clearing away needed in order to create the space for new abundance. This may be a tangible loss such as a job or relationship, but I believe it is more likely to be a shattering of some illusion. There is some pattern of thought or behavior you engage with and get lost in often. For me, it is self doubt. This engagement leads you down a wrong path, an irrweg, which results in taking action from a place of fear or making decisions based on incomplete or incorrect knowledge. The Tower is saying that this has to go, this illusion is standing in the way of the creation of circumstances that will allow the abundance of Six of Stones. We must be willing to recognize our responsibility in creating the life we want, The Tower is asking us to bravely set ablaze what sets us up for failure time and again. Past failures have done their job, they have taught you the way that doesn’t work, and now it is your job to clear out what isn’t working, look it squarely in the eye and say firmly, “No more.”

Now, I’m not suggesting that you blow up your whole life and start a new one, it’s more like being discerning when it comes to what you are giving your energy to. A terrific practice to cultivate this discernment is to listen to Six of Swords as a teacher. We must consider both the practical value of things in our life as well as the value that can’t be measured: how things make us feel. It’s easier for us to discern what behavior is working for us on an Earthly level, because it results in tangible successes like being able to feed, clothe, shelter, and amuse ourselves. What’s more difficult is having the emotional or subtle awareness to feel if what we are giving our energy to is responding in kind or sucking us dry. We’re taught that exhaustion and depletion are the signs of hard work, that you’re doing it right, no pain no gain, etc. I’m calling that out right now as completely bogus. These are symptoms of a lack of balance in the exchange of your energy, a sign that something must change in order to feel better, and the change isn’t just working harder. You must take the time to ask yourself the difficult questions and to answer honestly. When you approach self inquiry considering how your circumstances and actions make you feel and what resources they provide as equally important, you can make decisions about what is best for you in a more holistic way.


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