Here is your tarotscope for 19 September – 25 September, 2017

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Daughter of Cups, Alchemy (reversed), and Two of Swords (reversed)
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  • Brigid’s arrival reminds us of the deep mysteries within us: our ancestral lineage, our personal history, and our connection to spirit/creator/god/goddess.
  • Alchemy calls for the process of blending the seemingly opposed in order to invoke transcendent transformation.
  • Two of Swords suggests a cooling of heated conflict.


Brigid, Daughter of Cups, underwent the transformation to St. Brigid when Ireland converted to Catholicism. In spite of this, she retained much of her original imagery and importance. The same can be said for us, we change and evolve as we go through life, but we retain our fundamental characteristics. We are being called on this week to turn our focus a bit deeper inward to seek communion with our primary nature, that which we know to be true about ourselves and our place in the world in spite of outside pressures.

Alchemy (reversed) is an invitation to marvel at the beautiful mess of the human experience. When we allow ourselves proper time and space to process our emotions and the events of our lives, we are able to internalize what both hardship and ease have to teach us. This affords us the opportunity to make better informed decisions when we face future hardships, thereby bringing about positive change in our lives. Things are hard right now, and your current situation may feel diametrically opposed to where you want to be. Take time to recall the hardship you have survived in your lifetime and the manner in which it has shaped you. Trust the primary nature that Brigid is asking us to focus on and let that be your guide as you navigate. In other words, don’t allow any outside darkness to dull your shine, embody what you know to be true and lovely in the face of ugliness. This meeting of opposites creates the foundation for radical transformation.

Two of Swords (reversed) suggests the arrival of a potentially uneasy peace. The peace that comes as a result of facing turbulent circumstances while holding your fundamental grace close to you heart is not permanent or even long lasting, you may even feel like it is slipping away as quickly as it arrived. The important thing to focus on is that peace is possible, uneasy though it may be for the time being. The reversal of this card tells us that more effort is required in order to bring about the lasting, positive transformation hinted at with the arrival of Alchemy. The responsibility lies with both parties, both opposing forces, to put more effort into bringing about a lasting peace. Be open to making an agreement or to come to an understanding with what or who you see as your opponent, this is the only way to move forward.


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