Here is your tarotscope for 12 September – 18 September, 2017

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Nine of Stones (reversed), The Wheel of Fortune (reversed), and Ten of Cups (reversed)

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  • Nine of Stones deals in the practical, earthly matters of work and money. While in our society we need money to survive, we are reminded that true wealth is rooted in acknowledging the source of the wealth in our lives, and that no amount of money can compare with the bounty Mother Earth provides, which is everything we truly need to survive and thrive.
  • The Wheel of Fortune recalls the basic truth that change is inevitable, and that we are all subject to cycles and rhythms, gains and losses.
  • Ten of Cups reminds us of the depth of cooperation between ourselves and other people, our imagination, and the driving spiritual forces of the world necessary to succeed in our endeavors.

The reversed position of Nine of Stones does not indicate a loss of material resources, it is rather a word of caution regarding placing too high a value on money alone. If you’re paying the slightest bit of attention, the state of the world right now is scary. When we value money above the richness the Earth and relationships provide, we lose touch with our connection to the cycles of nature and our place in them. We shift our focus to amassing more wealth than we need, using the number in our bank accounts to measure whether or not we are succeeding in living well. Money is such a source of power in the world the way it stands now, but this power is abstract, and it only exists because we have decided it is so. It is a carefully constructed lie that is the basis of consumerism.  After all, what good is money if there is no clean water? If the air is poison? If the land is barren? No amount of money could repair such a world. A shift in perspective is being called for with the arrival of Nine of Stones (reversed), we are being asked to examine what resources are valuable, and to treat those resources accordingly. Take time to consider what is valuable to you, and where that value comes from. Does the value come from its ability to nourish you, or does the value come from an outside entity telling you so?

The Wheel of Fortune in a reversed position indicates a resistance to change. Even under the best of circumstances, change is uncomfortable, and we are not living under the best of circumstances. We are confronting deep shadows in how we treat our planet and how we relate to our fellow beings. The cycles of nature referenced by The Wheel of Fortune are responding to the stimuli human beings are providing, and we are destroying our habitat. I’m not mincing my words here, because the time of ignorance or denial has passed. We are experiencing massive hurricanes, floods, wildfires, earthquakes, and more because the Earth is responding proportionally to the damage being done. We know that big changes need to happen to repair this damage, but those changes require the sacrifice of something we are deeply attached to, I would even go so far as to say addicted: convenience. Quick fixes, time savers, peak experiences, and instant gratification rule much of our lives, and we save so much time, but at what cost? The Wheel of Fortune (reversed) is calling for us to take an honest look at our choices and ask ourselves if those choices are in alignment with our common human purpose as stewards of the Earth. If they are not, we are being asked to make the small changes we can. This brings us to Ten of Cups (reversed)

Ten of Cups, even in a reversed position, is overall a positive draw. We are encouraged to remember again that the image of success we have been sold for so long is not in alignment with what we actually seek deep in our hearts. I don’t think it’s a leap, dear reader, to assume that you seek a connection to something greater than yourself. I believe that you understand that nourishing that connection is what will cultivate success in your life. I imagine that much of what I have written so far is not news to you, and perhaps you share my own personal pitfall of overwhelm. The challenge of healing the damage to our planet, especially damage we who are awakening didn’t directly cause, seems impossible. The fact is that we are all complicit in damaging the Earth. No, we don’t all drill for oil, but every time we make a choice to buy single use plastic, drive our cars short distances, etc, we contribute to the damage. But there is something beautifully simple we can start doing to change the course we are on: start making small choices in closer alignment to caring for the planet. I’m talking miniscule. Start carrying a water bottle everywhere you go. Be that person at the market with cloth bags and reusable produce sacks. Harness the power of your money and spend it where it will do the most good. Educate your friends and family about these small choices with love and respect. This will have a ripple effect, they will educate more people, and they will educate more people, and so on. Somewhere along the line we have learned that we as individuals don’t have the ability to make great changes, and it might be the biggest lie ever told. Don’t ever doubt your power, dear reader, don’t ever doubt your capacity to create the world you want to live in. The Earth wants you to succeed, she needs you, after all she created you.

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