Tarot Tuesday: 5 September, 2017

Here is your tarotscope for 5 September – 11 September, 2017

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Four of Swords, Daughter of Swords, and The Empress (reversed)
Four of Swords, Daughter of Swords, and The Empress (reversed)
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  • Four of Swords denotes a truce, a pause in the onslaught of external or internal conflict. We see four swords suspended in the air in a harmonious, balanced pattern. A leaf holding a small bubble falls softly down toward a white feather waving not unlike a flag of surrender.
  • The Daughter of Swords is Isis. As wise as she is lovely, Isis represents integrity, self awareness, and dedication.
  • The Empress represents the basic elements of our lives, our very foundations: our bodies, our planet, and the passion/drive we hold within us in relationships and our purpose. The Empress is the melding of our intellect and our creativity, and the magic that can unfold when the two are expressed harmoniously.

An opportunity for taking some space from what you have been grappling with lately is on the way this week. You may have to be the one to call the truce, consciously stepping away from the situation, person, or pattern of thought you have been caught in. Take a moment to breathe, to engage in self care and rest. Please avoid complacency, mistaking this pause for a permanent resolution to the original conflict, remember that it is finite. Once you have recharged, use the rest of this moment of calm wisely to seek out a more lasting solution.

The presence of Isis invites you to embody her characteristics in resolving your conflict: calm, confidence, wisdom, love, and dedication. After taking time to refresh yourself and shake off any ruffled feathers, as you redirect your focus toward resolving your conflict, do so from the mindset of resolving the issue for the purpose of furthering your personal evolution, rather than forcing your way through simply because it needs to be done. Take care not to lose yourself or compromise your needs for the sake of finding a resolution quickly. Even if the process takes more time and is more complicated, you must remember you deserve a resolution that serves you, which segues nicely into The Empress (reversed).

The presence of The Empress in a reversed position indicates a block in creative or fundamental expression. It would be wise to spend some time during your truce time self care to reconnect with what is fundamental in your life. What are you passionate about? What makes you light up inside? What aspect of your fundamental self can you not compromise on in working through your conflict? Hold true to that aspect and weave it into the action you take toward resolution. Be prepared to be flexible and let go of what you can in service of the resolution without compromising this fundamental aspect. Even if things aren’t perfectly pleasant on the other side or you don’t get your way, you will have grown richer and wiser for the experience, so long as you held your ground and did not compromise what was most important to you.

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