Tarot Tuesday: 29 August, 2017

Here is your tarotscope for 29 August – 4 September, 2017

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Justice, The Chariot, and Daughter of Stones (reversed)
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Something you have been working toward feels stuck, you’ve come up against a barrier and you are exhausted from trying to push through it, so much so that you are beginning to question why you even tried in the first place. Take heart and renew your trust to find your way through.

  • Justice, for our purposes with tarot, has little to do with vindication or even fairness. Instead, this card deals in matters of truth and balance. Everything that happens to us, from the fantastic to the catastrophic and everything in between, is all part of being alive. We don’t necessarily deserve what happens to us, positive or negative. The objective truth is that we are where we are in life due to a combination of our own choices plus the circumstances beyond our control.
    What shines through in this reading is the need for a reality check. Take a moment to review your current challenge without placing blame on someone/something else or on yourself. Instead, identify and acknowledge the choices you have made that brought you here. Identify the circumstances beyond your control that brought you here. Understand that you are in this situation because the combination of your actions + outside actions have lead you along the path to where you are now. You did the best you could given the information you had, and the circumstances you were in. It will not do to dwell on what you might have done differently, it is a waste of energy, you can’t go back in time. Your energy would be better spent on making wise choices in regard to navigating beyond the barrier you have come up against.
  • The Chariot is such a beautiful card, with a powerful message. We see a figure riding high atop a ship that is traversing less than ideal seas, and there is a great beast looming behind the figure, yet they remain balanced, with arms outstretched and willing to receive.
    Courage is the primary concept of The Chariot. The type of courage that is called for is soft and subtle. The barrier you have come up against may be inside yourself or an outside circumstance. Whatever it is, you know that it is no longer serving you. You are so sure of this, that you have been gritting your teeth and trying to beat your way through it. You realize that this isn’t working, but what else can you do? You press on because you know you need to break through it no matter what. You’re not wrong, but what this card suggests is that brute force will not allow you to move forward. The courage that is required is opening yourself to a different possibility. Search within for a way to peer over the barrier, or through in a crack in its wall, that is where you will find something to help you pull yourself over.
  • The Daughter of Stones is White Buffalo Woman. She reminds us of the importance of listening for instructions and trusting them, whether through prayer, meditation, education, research, intuition, or any other method you employ in your search for truth.
    You have heard a call to do something or to make some change, and this barrier we have been talking about is firmly in your way. The reversed position of this card echoes the frustration and exhaustion you have been feeling. The barrier you have yet to break has caused you to begin to question and doubt yourself.

Take time to let yourself get quiet and still. This will help remind you that this call you are following is true and correct. Take that to heart. Trust the internal force that is driving you. Don’t fall prey to the tendency to place blame on yourself or others because you haven’t yet broken through this stubborn barrier. Instead, try widening your scope. Look around yourself instead of straight ahead with blinders on. This is the way to discover the way to divert your energy, moving around your barrier like a river flows around a stone.

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