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Welcome to your tarotscope for 15 August – 21 August, 2017.

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I had to expend a lot of effort to pull myself together to do this reading, with fresh blood pouring from a very old wound we have yet to heal. It threatens to pull me into the darkest level of apathy I am capable of, the level that echoes with the singular refrain: what’s the point?

I speak of the combination of my outrage at the events in Charlottesville (not to mention the impotence of the response from the individual with arguably the largest platform of anyone to actively name and condemn its source) and the shame of remembering that white supremacy, what drives it all, is nothing new.

In my own effort not to despair, I remember that tarot is a powerful ally not because it predicts the future, but rather because it serves as a line of communication between what we think we know and what we actually know. This dialogue allows us to discern a path through the turmoil we experience around us. Beyond that, and I believe more importantly, tarot illuminates both the lessons we would be wise to harvest along this path, and what we are free to leave behind to compost.

Time and again I find that the clearest, most direct readings I receive come when I feel the most lost, and today is a shining example of just that. I see this reading as a reminder that heart driven action in the face of forceful opposition is what is required for everyone’s liberation: those who are continually oppressed and those who are so misguided that they live to oppress others.

  • The Six of Wands is particularly poignant because in this deck, “victory” is specifically in relation to challenges or struggles more so than a victory over another person. We see six wands with their upward, direct, fiery, charging energy all in harmonious alignment, saying that those who unite and cooperate toward what they wish to achieve will be victorious. Even with that fire energy present, we must not mistake this as a call to aggression, as tarot is a champion for the principle of balance. This is where we have the advantage over white supremacist oppressors, who are consistently aggressive, which cannot stand against the strength of true unity. On this card, balance is shown in the I Ching hexagram, which is entirely made of yin lines. It may seem contrary to the confident, very yan suit of wands, but it reinforces the idea of a united front that is self-aware, that listens to one another, and moves ever forward toward true freedom for everybody.
    The only way to a lasting victory is to realize that your actions are not about you in this regard, they are about all of us, the human collective as a whole. Putting aside the ego and stepping into a place of responsibility, accountability, and a willingness to learn from your own mistakes in service to freeing the oppressed is what is being asked of us.
  • The Daughter of Wands is Isis, who is another welcome sight, as she brings with her devoted protection and teaches us of the rewards of steadfast dedication. Without going into too much detail, her central myth is of the restoration of her brother, Osiris. The pieces of his body were scattered throughout the world, and Isis collected them all, save for one, which she sculpted a replacement for. Osiris was re-animated, his newly sculpted body part coming alive as well.
    Isis refused to admit defeat when she was unable to obtain all the pieces, and so should we. We have the strength of truth behind us, that all human beings deserve liberty. Even though we know there is still a long, hard road ahead, we have each other and our shared purpose to lean on. Those of us in a place of privilege in particular must help shoulder the burden of the oppressed, it is the only way to help them truly rise.
  • The Hermit is an interesting card to see in this reading. In its upright position, The Hermit calls for us to step back from worldly distractions, including societal expectations, and take time to rediscover the world of nature. It is a card that inspires introspection, spiritual development, and seeking Truth.
    In its reversed position as it appears in this reading, I believe the call to action is to take what we have learned internally and bring it out into the world. My guess is that you, dear reader if you are still with me, have been doing some work to develop and connect to your inner/higher self, and you have learned some fine lessons about what is important in this life and what is not. It is not the time to retreat or be silent. Talk, listen, learn, and grow. 

Being in a position of privilege as a white woman in the USA at this moment, I’m of course filtering my interpretations here through my own lens and experience, my own desire to be a worthy ally to the oppressed. If you are a person of color reading this, it was not my intention to be exclusive, and I hope there was value in this reading for you as well.

I own up to any mistake I have made in the above in the spirit of the overall message that waiting for perfect understanding of the struggles of the oppressed isn’t necessary in order to take action. In order to unite against these newly emboldened white supremacists, we must speak to one another and learn from one another. If you are unsure of how you can support someone, ask them, and listen, and then do as they ask. I believe firmly that silence and apathy are far worse than potentially making a bit of an ass of yourself and learning a lesson from someone with a different perspective.


Thanks for receiving this reading. If you are interested in a personal reading, please contact me for rates and more details. Many blessings, until next time!

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