The Haindl Tarot Deck

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I offer tarot readings using the Haindl Tarot deck by Hermann Haindl. This deck is extremely special to me, it is the only deck I have ever used. I picked it out at a small magic supply store when I was around 13 years old. I was drawn to its rich images and its promise of drawing wisdom from several esoteric and religious traditions, like the I Ching, Kabbalah, Holy Grail, and Runes. I had no idea how complex the symbolism and mythology contained in these images would be, I only knew that it spoke to me, and that I was hungry to learn anything and everything I could outside of the small box of the rural, east coast life I was raised in.

Decades later, I only now feel like I am truly hearing the messages these cards convey. I understand them to be a vehicle for divine communication, a channel for the recipient of a reading to hear what they are ready to hear, to help them take more beneficial action out in the world. I especially connect with Haindl’s dedication “to the sacred wonder of the Earth,” and “his recognition of the feminine,” as Rachel Pollack states in her reader’s handbook. These recurring elements of the sacred feminine and Earth energies throughout this deck are what many of us are waking up to as we step into our roles as stewards of our planet, caretakers of life, the common purpose we all share.

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