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Welcome to your tarotscope for 8 August – 14 August, 2017.

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The Son of Stones, The Daughter of Cups, and The Tower (reversed)

This reading rings particularly true for me and the phase of my life I’m currently stepping into. Overall, this combination of cards suggests an awakening in your relationship to the Earth, and the difficult or painful lessons that may come along as you follow the truth of this awakening.

  • The Son of Stones in the Haindl deck features Chief Seattle, he is the only historical figure to appear in the court cards of this deck. Seattle and his people lived the area of the United States that now bears his name. In lieu of following the urge of his people to fight the foreign invaders making their way across the land, Seattle extended an invitation to the Europeans to join in the Native ways of respecting nature, living harmoniously with the cycles of the plants and animals along with the land’s seasons. Chief Seattle held fiercely to his convictions, he fought for the rights of Native Americans with heartfelt words, but sadly the disrespectful treatment of the land and its guardians perpetuated, and still continues today. His idealism was not enough to safeguard his vision for a harmonious world.
    The message here is that actions have consequences, in this context I believe this is specific to our environment. The time has come to look objectively at your food choices, your waste practices, etc. and take some direct action in one aspect of your relationship to Mother Earth for the benefit of all nature and the generations that will come after us.
  • The Daughter of Cups is Brigid, who is known more commonly now as St. Brigid, the name given to her after Ireland converted to Christianity. Her presence as a goddess, however, stretches much further back in time, to the New Stone Age as depicted by the stone circle below her face. Even with her name change, Brigid’s imagery and significance remained much the same, in this way she acts as a bridge, a symbol of sacred truth that lives in in spite of the destruction of Native practices.
    Brigid is a calm, peaceful figure, radiating benevolent love from deep within. Brigid reminds us that we carry within us the entirety of our ancestral line, with all of its ancient wisdom and practices. If we can tap into that wisdom, we can better integrate into right relationship with our Mother Earth, who as we saw with The Son of Stones is calling out to us for our help.
  • Here is where things get really interesting. The Tower is an intense card. We see a large, seemingly infallible, manmade structure crumbling to ruin from within. Structures and practices born of the arrogance of men who are disconnected from their relationship to the world around them cannot last eternally. The fire of truth will overtake them. The fire or spark often comes in the form of a spiritual awakening, a message you can’t ignore. It may come in a dream, in meditation, or as a result of connecting deeply with your intuition. The destruction leaves fertile ground to begin anew. Being in a reversed position, The Tower is less intense than if it were upright.
    Alongside the other cards, I would say that as you examine your current relationship to Mother Earth and the spark of change makes itself known, it will not result your entire life imploding. Rather, you will be inspired to make a change, to take responsibility for your actions toward the Earth in some way. This change, this shake-up is going to suck a little bit, for lack of a better term. The change you feel called to make in relationship to Mother Earth will be challenging, but not impossible, and any difficulty along the way will not do you any lasting harm.

My impression is that the guiding message as you move through the week is to take an objective, honest look at your relationship to Mother Earth, without the lens of guilt, shame, or judgement. As you observe and gain some clarity, I believe you will feel the spark that will ignite improved practice. This practice will look different for everyone, depending on where you are in your journey. Some of us may just be becoming aware of the scope of damage that has been done to the planet as a result of humankind’s mistreatment. In this stage, it can seem like an insurmountable task to undo it, but the underlying truth is that even small actions, if taken by of us, will enact great change. Those in this phase may be ready for a small step such as only using re-usable grocery bags, committing to planting one crop of their own so they are just a little more self reliant, visiting a farmer’s market regularly to support local agriculture, or some other practice that is very do-able. Those who are a little further along, perhaps you already grow a lot of your own food, you compost, you have cut down on single-use plastic, that’s all terrific, but the time is now to marinate the idea of taking your practices just a little further toward your ideal vision.
In any case, no matter where you are in your evolution of cultivating your relationship with Mother Earth, you will know what step is next in evolving further. Will the changes you make be inconvenient? Probably to some degree, but that inconvenience is the currency we exchange for living authentically. The key action this week is making a clear choice and adopting it as part of the practice of your life.


Thanks for reading! See you next time and many blessings to you.

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