Podcast roundup v.1

I’m a neophyte podcast listener. I don’t know why I shrugged podcasts off as unnecessary noise I didn’t want clouding my already full auditory field for so long, especially considering my love of NPR. The Moth radio hour is probably my favorite NHPR segment, though I’m rarely able to listen to it as it’s broadcasting. The solution dawned on me months ago: duh, subscribe to the podcast and listen at my leisure. True to form, I didn’t actually do that until a couple of weeks ago, but what I did do months ago was subscribe to my very first podcast, the Starseed Survival Guide podcast, from Erin Rivera Merriman of Active Culture Family.  I don’t mean to be hyperbolic when I say listening to Erin and her guests changed my life. The stories and subjects were a lifeline to me when I was feeling particularly alone in my awakening, without a local community to call my own I held tightly to the words and ideas shared in each episode, joyful to often have the thought “That’s how I feel, too!”

That first subscription has lead me to another and another, slowly curating a treasure trove of voices from all over the globe, and my heart swells each time I listen to a new one, sitting sweetly with the resonance of shared ideas and experience. In that spirit, below is a list of podcasts I listened to this week that I found informative, instructive, and fun. I hope to make this a semi-regular practice, so check back soon!

If you listen, let me know what you think! Blessings to you.

3 thoughts on “Podcast roundup v.1

  1. Hey! Just getting pingbacks from your posts. Thanks so much for the love! So grateful all around. 🙂

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