To Know is to Bow

To know is to bow.
It’s to recognize that which
runs through us all, an unending
thread ceaselessly weaving itself
without becoming any shorter.
To present with grace and
humility in the face of the
bewitching monstrosity.
To gather the intangible and unintelligible
and recognize their richness,
incomparable to any
coin of value.
To listen closely with every
sense and to dip deeply into
inexhaustible kindness when
choosing to reply.
To realize that knowledge must
evolve as lungs must breathe
and hearts must beat.
To dismantle what has been
built on the falsehoods
of the self serving and short sighted.
To be brave enough to look into
your own eyes with no need
for a mirror, and feel the pulse
that drives something much
greater than your very blood.
To know that you know nothing,
but need only look and listen
to find the way,
and thank what has always been.
To know is to bow.

© Megan J. Alexander

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